Indian classical dances and music as a compulsory subject in schools

Why Indian Classical dance and music must be introduced as a compulsory subject in India?

Indian Classical Dances are the most established and oldest artistic expression. It is said that Indian Classical Dances are the best approach to adore almighty. They are firmly associated with religion and spirituality. Indian Classical Dances and Music are considered as conciliatory.

Indian Classical Dances are a type of contemplation/yoga. In the Natya Shastra, Bharat Muni has written that Indian Classical Dances can create a similar yield as yajna.

In Indian History dance and music was an approach to reveal Indian mythological stories, was the best approach to gain spirituality. There are numerous deities that are found with musical instruments. There figure considered as fragmented without it as Lord Krishna has consistently found with the flute, Lord Shiva has seen with Damru, Ganesha is seen with the tabla.

After the golden age (Satyug), the entire world was leading to astray and there was no other way to control the universe.

Lord Indra and other gods approached Lord Brahma and appealed to create Fifth Veda which can be seen and heard. After the request of Lord Indra and other deities, Lord Brahma created Fifth Veda NatyaShastra.

Natya Veda was created by the Lord Brahma to help the masses to overcome the sufferings and to worship almighty.

Where in School numerous subjects like history, geology, science, and so on are obligatory subject however it isn’t valuable in each everyday issue still it has been instructed in schools. These subjects increase intellect. Similarly, Indian traditional dances increase imaginative astuteness.

In the present time where our way of life is blurring behind westernization, Indian Classical Dances advance our way of life and assist youth to connect with Indian folklore.

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