Indian Classical Dance: Origin of Kathak

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Kathak is the most prestigious and one of the oldest dance forms of India which is originated from Lord Krishna.

Its techniques have been described in Abhinaya Darpan and NatyShastra, written by disciples of Lord Shiva i.e. Nandikeshwar and Bharatmuni respectively.

It is difficult to say when the dance originated, the same way it is difficult to say when Kathak originated.

After the period of the 15th Century, Bhagwat religion being propagated and various Lord Krishna Leela been narrated. During this period several stories of Lord Krishna become part of the music and dance and Raas dance being excessively developed.

It is said that Kathak has been originated from Raas Leela dance of Radha Krishna. Lord Krishna is called Natwar that means an excellent dancer. That is why Kathak is also known as Natwari Nritya and Natwari tode is famous in Kathak.

When Lord Krishna killed Kaliya Naag (कालिया दमन) sound of Ta Tatt Thai (ता तत थेइ) etc words echoed. These words are the influential vocabulary of Kathak.

Kathak dance is an ancient Indian Classical Dance that closely linked to theatrical Folk style and it is said that through Raas Leela Kathak was originated.

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