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Natya Veda is the fifth Veda (NatyaShastra), created by Lord Brahma to help the masses to overcome the sufferings.

There is an interesting story about the creation of Natya Veda written in Natya Shastra. After the golden age (Satyug), the entire world was leading to astray and there was no other way to control the universe.

Lord Indra and other gods approached Brahma Ji and appealed to create Fifth Veda which can be seen and heard.

After the request of Lord Indra and other deities, Lord Brahma created Fifth Veda NatyaShastra. Lord Brahma includes various elements from 4 Vedas. He included acting (Abhinaya) from Yajurveda, the script (Kathanak) from Rigveda, Music (Sangeet) from Samaveda, and sentiments and emotion(Ras) from Atharvaveda and formed Natya Veda.

Lord Indra and other deities appealed to Lord Brahma that Natya Ved must be taught by sages. Lord Brahama taught Natya Ved to mythic Brahman sage Bharatmuni. He taught it to his 100 children and presented Natya in presence of Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma asked Bharatmuni to introduce Kaushiki Vriti (expressions, vocal, emotions, delicacy into it. Then Bharatmuni taught this to Apsaras (female character).

The Natyashastra explains all the concepts of theater and dance that includes expression, movements, music, theater, construction, and costumes.

FAQ’S Related to Natya Veda | The Fifth Veda | NatyaShastra

What is the motive in creating Fifth Veda i.e. Natya Veda?

Fifth Veda (Natya Shastra) was created so that the masses should learn the morals through entertainment, easily impart the good deeds, protected from negativity, increase spiritual powers and to spread global peace.

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