Kathak: Essential routine to learn Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Dances are like worshiping god. They are sacred and divine. Learning Kathak or any other Indian Classical Dance form there is a routine one should follow to become an expert and to gain knowledge

Pre-requisite, and routine that should be followed in any INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE.

  1. Touch the feet of your Guru and greet him/her before dancing.
  2. Ghungroo holds an important place in Indian Classical Dance. Ghungroo emphasizes the rhythmic percussion that is produced by the Ghungroo while attempting and performing any footwork. It is very essential to let your Ghungroo touched by the guru and take permission to dance.
  3. Always remember in the starting and after ending dance always do Namaskar i.e. greeting all the deities in all the directions and to the earth.
  4. Start rigorous practice of TATKAAR i.e. footwork. In Kathak and many other classical dance forms, footwork in accordance with rhythm is really important. It enhance your dance and increase your hold on taal (rhythm)
  5. In the beginning practice footwork on simple beats i.e. chanting taal beats verbally. Once you become familiar with the beats and footwork start practicing with tabla or harmonium (nagma).
  6. Initially practice on slow beats to become efficient in footwork along with hand movements. It is highly recommended for the Kathak artist as well as Indian Classical Dancers that they pay attention to their footwork, clear hand and leg movements, and body movements.
  7. Pure (सात्विक) expressions are the key to become a good dancer. For making a dance expressive it is essential to bring those expressions from the heart. It is well said by a renowned Guru that when dance leaves the territory of body and seen on your face, it is said to be a dance without limitation i.e. a natural dance.
  8. Three different Gharanas (schools) is famous in Kathak. It is better to learn good things from every Gharana like Jaipur Gharana is famous for its rapid and traditional footwork, and Chakra (spins), Lucknow Gharana is exquisitely (delicacy) in movements.
  9. It is essential to stay fit so take good care of the body by regular exercise and a good diet. It is very essential to increase your stamina. An ill body can’t create wonders.
  10. Riyaaz (practice) – Consistent Riyaaz with determination and dedication is vital and important. Consistency in the dance will bring the flow of the movements without making any extra efforts.
  11. Don’t drink water immediately after practice. Don’t dance just after having food.
  12. Never wear footwear while dancing and if you have worn the Ghungroo never wear shoes or go to the washroom.
  13. Do not wear footwear while doing Indian Classical Dance.
  14. Remember when you close or end your dance, do namaskar, greet guru and let Ghungroo touched by your guru.

FAQ’S Related Dance: Kathak: Essential Routine To Learn Indian Classical Dance

What are the other things one should remember to learn Indian Classical Dance?

I Believe this is very essential to learn INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE or any other DANCE FORM.

  1. Respect your Guru. Have trust in her/him.
  2. Respect other renowned maestro of that field.
  3. Be humble and seeker to learn any dance form.

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