Kathak: Significance of making sound from feet.

Kathak is mainly performed on the nodes of music instruments like tabla, pakhawaj, harmonium etc. Whatever rhythm (taal) plays on musical instruments, one has to make that sound from the feet in accordance with the rhythm. This is the main reason behind the clear and sharp sound to make from the feet.

Kathak is mainly known for its laykari in footwork/ foot movements. Tihaai (तिहाई), Palte (पलटे), Ladi ( लड़ी) is the main source of showing Laykari in footwork. While performing, Kathak dancers have to take out a similar sound of nodes, for instance: taking out the sound of therikit (थेरिकिट) takit taka tak ताकिट तका तक, ओर simple तत्कार (ता थैई थैई तत़, आ थैई थैई तत़) or nodes ( बोल) of any taal from feet is crucial to draw the attention of Kathak Maestro (गुणीजन)and audience to show the elegance and expertise in this art (Indian Classical Dance Form Kathak).

Have you ever seen when a performing artist of Kathak present their art on stage speakers are been placed on the edge of stage near the feet? The reason is that the sound must be clearly audible to the audience.

Clear and sharp sound to make from feet is definitely essential in Kathak.

FAQ’S Related Sound of Feet:

Do feet sound is essential in Toda tukara other than tihaai, ladi or palte?

It is really essential to make sound from feet while performing toda, tukara, or any other performance of Kathak. It is mandatory to make sound from feet to make every step of kathak visible and clear.

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