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LAYA — The Rythym

When it comes to learning any Indian classical form, whether it’s instrumental, vocal, or dance. The first and foremost thing is Laya/Rythym.

What is Laya?

Laya is the speed of time.

For instance: You are going Delhi to Jaipur by car, sometimes we reach the destination in 4hrs or more than that.

So what is changing here? Time

Sometimes we reach a little early or late.

“Laya/Rythym is the speed of time in music.”

Now here the question arises: How many types of Laya or Rhythm are there-

There are three types of Laya –

  1. Vilambit: This laya is the base laya i.e. an introductory tempo. this laya is the slow one.
  2. Madhya: This laya is just double of Vilambit Laya which is 2x of Vilambit laya i.e. the middle one.
  3. Drut Laya: This laya is just double of Madhya Laya and 4x of Madhya Laya. This laya is the fastest one.

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