Natya (नाट्य), Nritta (नृत) and Nritya (नृत्य)

Kathak : Natya (नाट्य), Nritta (नृत) And Nritya (नृत्य)

Dance (नृत्य) means performing art which is finely described in the ancient scriptures of dance. Before understanding the meaning of dance, it is very essential to know that dance has been classified into three main heads i.e. Natya (नाट्य), Nritta (नृत) and Nritya (नृत्य).

Natya (नाट्य)- Literal meaning of Natya (नाट्य) is Drama (अभिनय). When a person is playing the role of a particular character, imitate the character exactly in each and every sense in terms of walking, talking, clothing, etc, and try to make an impression on the audience as if the actor is actually that character, is known as drama. For example: When an actor plays the role of Krishna, he mimics the way Krishna speaks, walks, and even his clothing, etc. The audience has an impression of Krishna in their heart, they get so fascinated with the actions that they feel like actually Krishna is there. Basically Natya (नाट्य) is generally done on mythological and ancient stories.

Nritta (नृत)- According to Abhinaya Darpan, a dance scripture by Nandikeshwar has written that Nritta (नृत) is

“भावभिनयाहींन नृतमित्यभिधीयते”

which means that Pure Dance which doesn’t include any expression (भाव) and acting (अभिनय). It is pure dance which is solely stresses on taal and rhythm which includes body movements, hand movements, footwork according to taal (ताल) and rhythm (लय).

Nritya (नृत्य)- The combination of Natya (नाट्य) i.e. drama and Nritta (नृत) i.e. Pure Dance which means dance includes not only acting but also expression along with rhythmic interpretation. Dance is purely includes acting (अभिनय), expression (भाव) along with body movement, hand movements, and footwork according to taal (ताल) and rhythm (लय).

According to Natya Shastra, dance scripture by Bharat Muni has written that

“गीत प्रयोगमाश्रित्य नृतामेतत्प्रवत्य्रताम”

which means when dance presentation includes song and Nritta (नृत) i.e. Pure Dance. When Nritya (नृत्य) / dance presented with expression and rhythmic translation on the basis of the song is known as dance.

FAQ’S Related Dance: Natya (नाट्य), Nritta (नृत) And Nritya (नृत्य)

What is the sequence of all the part of Natya (नाट्य), Nritta (नृत) And Nritya (नृत्य) when it comes to complete performance?

According to the maestros of Indian Classical Dance, Natya(नाट्य) is the last thing when it comes to a performance. Dancers first present Nritta(नृत) then it combines with Nritya (नृत्य) and lastly, Natya (नाट्य) depiction of expression come.

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