what is laykari in Kram Laya?

Indian classical dance, particularly Kathak, is a realm of artistic brilliance that harmoniously blends rhythm, storytelling, and cultural heritage. In Kathak, there exists an interesting concept known as “Laykari ” and when it intertwines with the rhythmic concept of “kram laya,” the result is mesmerizing.

In the context of Kathak, “Laykari ” in “kram laya” refers to the rhythmic intricacies and variations within a specific rhythmic cycle or tala. “Kram Laya” translates to “sequential rhythm” in Hindi. It involves the manipulation and improvisation of rhythmic patterns, accentuations, and syncopations while maintaining the underlying beat and structure of the tala.

The Essence of Laykari

Laykari showcases the dancer’s command over rhythm and their ability to execute complex footwork, intricate movements, and swift turns while staying in sync with the accompanying music. It requires a deep understanding of the tala and its various divisions, such as beats, matras, and subdivisions, as well as mastery over precise timing and coordination.

Unveiling Kram Laya

“Kram laya,” which translates to “sequential rhythm,” is the foundation upon which the enchanting dance of “Laykari ” takes place. “Laykari ” in “Kram Laya” signifies the skill of presenting rhythmic patterns and compositions in a sequential manner, gradually increasing the complexity and speed. It involves the gradual progression and expansion of rhythmic phrases and patterns within the given tala. Dancers showcase their command over rhythm, precise footwork, and intricate movements while adhering to the sequential rhythmic structure.

Transcending Time and Space

In the hands of a skilled Kathak dancer, “Laykari ” within “Kram Laya” becomes a bridge that transcends time and space. “Laykari” alludes to the intricate and diverse rhythmic elements danced within a designated rhythmic cycle or “tala,” encompassing the deft manipulation and spontaneous innovation of rhythmic arrangements, accents, and syncopations, all the while upholding the foundational beat and arrangement of the tala.


The world of Kathak dance, with its rich heritage and intricate techniques, comes alive through the mesmerizing dance of “Laykari ” within “Kram Laya.” This fusion of rhythmic progression and expressive artistry creates a symphony of motion that resonates deeply with both the dancer and the observer. Through each intricate movement and every rhythmic variation, “Laykari ” in “kram laya” breathes life into an art form that continues to enchant and captivate across generations.

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