Greeva Bheda in Indian classical dance

Neck movements i.e. Greeva Bheda. In Indian Classical Dances, every movement whether it is related to eyes, neck, or head has a significant part in the dance and well described in the shastra i.e. performing art text.

Neck is the core of the entire body. Without moving the neck, a dancer can’t explain the meaning of the verse. For example, if the dancer has to indicate the bird in the sky then without moving neck, how it can be explained.

So neck movement i.e. Greeva Bheda is an important part of the Abhinaya (acting).

Nandikeshwar in Abhinaya Darpan (Performing Art Text) has described 4 classification of Greeva Bheda (Neck movements)-

“सुंदरी चा, तिरशचीना, तथैइवा परिवर्तिता. प्रकँपित चा भावज़नः, ज्नेया ग्रीवा चतुर्विधा”.

  1. Sundari (सुंदरी)
  2. Tiraschina (तिरशचीना)
  3. Parivartit (परिवर्तित)
  4. Prakampit (प्रकंपित)

Sundari (सुंदरी)- Sundari Greeva means moving the neck left-right with ease i.e. one side to another side horizontally.

Tiraschina (तिरशचीना) – Tiraschina Greeva used to move like snake i.e. moving neck in the upward direction on both the sides.

Parivartit (परिवर्तित)- In this classification of Greeva, moving neck left-right like the half-moon.

Prakampit (प्रकंपित)- In this Neck movement, the dancer moves neck like a female pigeon i.e. forward and backward.

These neck movements enhance the dance and the abhinaya of the story that reciprocate emotions (Rasa) between the dancer and the spectator. It adds colour to the performance.

FAQ’S Related Greeva Bheda In Indian Classical Dance:

Is it possible to dance without neck movements?

It is completely impossible to dance without neck movements. Without any neck movement, a dance is incomplete and can’t connect with the audience. Bhava and Rasa which is crucial in performing art can’t be generated.

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