passion for Indian classical dance: kathak

There is certainly a magic in dance. In that moment of dance, nothing exists besides you. That moment where your entire body just moves on the rhythm of the music and you truly be with yourself.

I dance because there is no comparison of that divine feeling which lets me forget the world around.

Dance brought me back to life and bring me to the aliveness. There is an intimate connection developed with body and mind that I forget all the judgments around myself which let me stop to progress in life. I became more present without the prejudice of others.

Dance is a feeling which can’t be expressed in words. It not only gives me mental satisfaction but also makes me feel beautiful and connected with myself. it’s moreover kind of spiritual practice.

At times in life when life pulls you back and stopping you to live to your fullest, dance makes me believe in myself. I dance to the rhythm of the heart as if there is only me and my movements and that feeling can’t be found anywhere else.


It brings me to the present moment and let me know what I can really discover and create.

Have you ever felt that frenetic energy of aliveness in life, such feeling people experience when they do painting or playing any sport or when they fall in love. The same energy of aliveness I feel when I dance.

“Dance creates magic, Dance creates wonders.”

FAQ’S Related to Passion For Indian Classical Dance: Kathak

When did you start learning Kathak and where?

I started learning Kathak in October 2005 aKathak Kendra, Jaipur under the guidance of Guru Smt. Sangeeta Singhal.

About the Author: – Neha Khunteta

She is a Kathak Artist and has been associated with it for more than 10 years and the founder of Kathak By Neha the best Kathak dance academy in Jaipur.

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