The expectations of people prior to joining Kathak is that Kathak is all about Shiva Tandav but the question is, is it really connected only with Lord Shiva Tandav or it has more to it?

Let’s dig into kathak expectations v/s reality.

According to Indian Mythology, Dance has been originated by Lord Shiva and he has been worshiped as the “God of Dance”.

There is a story associated with the “Origin of Dance”. It is well known that whenever lord shiva dances in euphoria, his dearest disciple Nandikeshwar (Tandu Muni) observes him closely. Later Nandikeshwar used to rehearse and try to replicate the dance performed by Lord Shiva with Laya and Tal.

It was then Once, on the request of Lord Brahma, Bharatmuni played out a dramatization called “Tripur Dah” on Kailash Mountain In the presence of Lord Shiva.

After watching Tripur Dah, Lord Shiva emphasized to introduce Dance into Drama and asked Nandikeshwar (Tandu Muni) to instruct dance to BharatMuni.

On the instruction of Lord Shiva (originator of dance), Nandikeshwar instructed dance to Bharatmuni. In this way, the famous dance of Lord Shiva was called Tandav in light of the fact that it is being educated by Tandu Muni.

Subsequent to viewing Tandav Goddess Parvati likewise composed a dance style that is tender and feminine which is called Lasaya.

Tandav style of dancing portrays Veer Ras, Raudra Ras, and Krodh Ras in dance. Tandav dance steps are more energetic, brisk, and vigorous. Footwork is quick and body language is full of charge.

In Kathak, Paran (Kathak compositions which uses the bol (notations) of Pakhawaj) is danced and composed according to Tandav style. (bol like dhumkit (धुमकीट), gadigan(गदिगन), dhagethit (धगेतिट), dhadan (धड़न्न), tadan (तड़न्न) etc.)

Lasaya style of dancing is expressive, various Gat, Thumri, kavit, etc composed with this style.

Tandav and Lasya are way (अंग) of dancing. Kathak isn’t just Tandav yet it is unequivocally connected with narrating that includes both Tandav and Lasaya style (अंग).

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