Technicalities of Indian Classical Dance (Kathak)

Technicalities Of Indian Classical Dance (Kathak) | why theory is important in Kathak.
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Training in any genre is necessary to learn a specific style, but one needs to make a good foundation. For a strong foundation theory is equally important as Practical in Indian Classical Dances like Kathak.

Kathak is totally dependent upon Laya & Taal i.e. rhythm and for this, one also needs to understand the theoretical part of the Kathak.

History, origin, techniques, and everything is important and crucial to learn Indian Classical Dance forms.

Indian Classical Dances are not abstract, knowing the intention of movements can help to connect with the audience and express the emotions (Bhava).

To make the base strong one needs to understand the various technicalities of Kathak. Once you have achieved a good base, you will understand the body control.

At the same time, you will be able to understand balancing body movements, hand movements, footwork along with the sense of rythym.

The constant fight in balancing and fixing the movements will tend to shed away by a strong base.

Learning any dance form is a good idea but without making a foundation strong, it makes the taste sour.

Dance becomes discordant. A sense of rhythm can achieve through in-depth knowledge not by skipping basics.

In terms of gaining knowledge, it’s always an illusion that we know everything. In Indian Classical Dances like Kathak, learning is a never-ending process.

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