Jaipur is famous for Art and Culture and it has an old connection with Kathak. Jaipur Gharana found its traces from the Hindu courts; due to this Jaipur Gharana still holds the traditional Kathak style. Hindu Rulers has not only given shelter to the Kathak dancers but also praised their art which has helped to restore the traditional classical part of the Kathak. Jaipur Gharana is famous for Chakar and laykari in footwork.

The roots of Kathak can be traced in the history, from Sanskrit Hindu text (Shastra) on performing art called ‘Natya Shastra’ written by ancient Indian theatrologist and musicologist Bharata Muni. Thousands of different chapters structured in the Natya Shastra that divides dance in two particular forms, namely ‘nritta’ that is pure dance and ‘Nritya’ that is solo expressive dance that focuses on Three Gharanas (schools), which are mostly, differ to each other and emphasis to footwork versus acting, are famous named, The Jaipur Gharana, The Banaras Gharana and The Lucknow Gharana.


Jaipur Gharana is famous for its Layakari, footwork, toughest presentation of Tatkaar, Chakars, and the old traditional style of Kathak is still alive in Jaipur Gharana. Dancers of Kathak Gharana take out the toughest Layakari from foot with ease. The tradition of Rajasthan can be seen in the Kathak of Jaipur Gharana basically Rajputi style which has left a strong impact with the supremacy of vigorous and male dominance on Kathak.

The Kathakas communicated mythological stories through music, dance, and songs in temples. This performing art includes ancient mythology and great Indian epics, especially Lord Krishna Leela (life story). Jaipur is a firm believer in god and Hindu kings strongly devoted to Govind Dev Ji. Kathak associated with this devotional attribute and mainly performed on Bhajans, Kavit and Pad. Kathakas belongs to Jaipur Gharana Kathak (Indian Classical Dance) mainly perform on stories of Krishna (Makhan Chori, Giraraj Parvat, Radha Krishna Ched Chad, Draupadi Chirharan), Shiva (Tandav), Ram (Ahilya Udhar), etc. Kathak on Kavita on Ganesh, Krishna, Shiva, Radha Krishna, etc is an important part of Jaipur Gharana.

It has been said that Bhanu Ji is the first one in the lineage of Jaipur Gharana. He was the devotee of Lord Shiva and had taken education of Shiv-Tandav from a Saint. He taught this education to his son Malu Ji and he followed the tradition by giving dance education to his children Kanhu Ji and Lalu Ji. In the branches of Jaipur Gharana Chunni Lal Ji, Durga Prasad Ji, Jai Lal Ji, Sunder Prasad Ji, and Narayan Prasad Ji, many names added to the lineage of Jaipur Gharana. There are many branches in the lineage of Jaipur Gharana.



There are 2 more branches in the lineage of JAIPUR GHARANA.

FAQ’S Related To Jaipur Gharana

Who are the Artists continuing the legacy of Jaipur Gharana?

There is one more branch of Jaipur Gharana which was named Shobhasar Gharana and followed by Puranmal Ji, Udyaram Ji, Bhanu Rudan Ji, Narayan Prasad Ji, MukundLal Ji, and so on.

There are four branches of Jaipur Gharana and presently there are many renowned names of Kathak artists that are associated in the lineage.

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