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According to the studies Tandav is the combination of Bharatnatyam and Odissi (Indian Classical Dance). But its traces also found in Kathak, the originator of Jaipur Gharana Bhanu Ji learned Tandav from a saint then he taught this dance to his son and the legacy of Jaipur Gharana followed on.

According to the Indian Mythology Dance has been originated by Lord Shiva. There is a story behind Tandav. It has been said that When Lord Shiva dances in bliss Tandu Muni (Nandikeshwar) learned from him and used to practice this dance with Rythym and beats. Lord Shiva instructed Tandu Muni to teach this dance to Bharat Muni. The origin of the name Tandav ( Dance of Lord Shiva) has come from the name of Tandu (Tandu Muni).

Tandav Dance of Lord Shiva indicates five principles- creation, preservation, destruction, illusion, and emancipation of the universe. Tandav depicts veer ras, raudra ras and krodh ras in dance. In Tandav dance steps are more energetic, brisk and vigorous.

Nandikeshwar in Abhinaya Darpan describes seven types of Tandav such as

  1. Ananda.
  2. Tripura.
  3. Sandhya.
  4. Samhara.
  5. Kali.
  6. Shiva
  7. Ardhanaari

FAQ’S Related: Shiv Tandav: Indian Classical Dance

Does Lord Shiva as a Natraj perform Tandav Dance?

Lord Shiva is widely known for his cosmic and divine dance Tandav in the guise of Natraj which has been worshiped by every Indian classical performing art.

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