Difference Between Folk dance and Classical dance

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When folk dance leaves the simplicity of dance and move to the complexity and fineness of art and limited to some class of people then it is called Classical Dance. There is a lot of difference between Folk dance and Classical dance.

  1. Folk dance is done by common people and it’s body movements and music are very easy, not bound with any rules whereas Classical dance is bound with rules and limitations of foot movements, hand movements, and body movements.
  2. In Folk Dance, easy beats and rhythm are used. But in classical dance difficult beats and rhythm are used like teentaal, chautaal etc.
  3. Mostly folk dances are performed in a group, 10–15 male and female whereas in classical dance mostly been presented solo.
  4. Folk dance costumes are mainly represented its region whereas in classical dance costume is related to the Classical DanceFform.
  5. Folk dance Is the expression of tradition, culture, and spiritual beliefs like worshipping goddess – in Rajasthan Gangaur dance, in Gujrat Garba or Dandiya. Classical dance is mainly related to literary works, mythological stories, etc.
  6. Folk dances are Self-generated. It is not made by any artist. These are developed with human development. Whereas Indian Classical dance forms are according to the rules and regulations of Natya Shastra (Performing Art text)

FAQ’S Related: Difference Between Folk Dance And Classical Dance

Is there any formal training required for folk dance?

There is no formal training is required in terms of Folk Dance but it is essential that Classical Dance training has to be taken under a teacher (guru) for a specific period of time to get well versed.

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