Kathak: Hast Mudras in Indian Classical Dance

According to the Indian performing arts text, Indian Classical Dance has its own gestures ( Hast Mudras ) to express the core of the story. Indian Classical Dancers with the help of fingers and hands make different hand mudras. Human being has developed from over the years as sign language or gestures to express their feelings and emotions.

According to the Bharat Natya Shastra, there are 64 Hand Mudras and according to Abhinaya Darpan, there are 55 Hand Mudras.

Hand Mudras are of two types-

  • Asanyukt Hast Mudra
  • Sanyukt Hast Mudra
  1. Asanyukt Hast Mudra- Asanyukt Hast Mudra is the mudra that can make only by using one hand.
Asamyuta Hast Mudra | Asanyukta Hast Mudra | Indian Classical Dance | Kathak
image source: pinterest

2. Sanyukt Hast Mudra- Sanyukt Hast Mudra is the Mudra that can make by using both the hand.

Samyuta Hast Mudra | Sanyukta Hast Mudra | Indian Classical Dance | Kathak
image source: Pinterest

Note: Few Hast Mudras are missing in the above pictures.

FAQ’S Related: Kathak: Hast Mudras In Indian Classical Dance

What are the names of Fingers in Hindi for making Hast Mudras ?

One must know the names of fingers in Hindi for the representation of these mudras.

  • Little Finger: Kanishthika
  • Ring Finger: Anamika
  • Middle Finger: Madhyama
  • Index Finger: Tarjani
  • Thumb: Angushtha

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