preference: Indian Classical dance over western dance

Indian Classical Dance is charismatic over western dance from throughout the period of time. It has roots from Vedic times and still people are fond of it. According to Indian mythology, dance has been originated by Lord Shiva and his guise of Natraj has been worshiped by everyone who is attached to Classical dance forms.

In Bengal you will find in every home there is a Classical Dancer. People who are attached to Western Dance still has the urge to learn classical dance or has already learned.

Today youth of India doing many experiments in dance by performing fusion. Kumar Sharma, Svetlana Tulasi, etc are the names that are experimenting with Indian classical dance and contemporary. They are trained in Indian Classical Kathak dancers.

The Emerging Artist Neha Khunteta also doing Semi-Classical dances and has her channel on youtube on the name of kathakbyneha.

It has been considered who has learned Indian Classical Dance can learn any Dance form easily.

Being a Classical Dancer, teacher and Choreographer, I have seen people who are learning Classical dance skills to enhance their western dance.

Indian Classical Dances are divine and they are attached to God. It is a kind of spiritual dance to please God. Shiv Tandav, Durga Stuti, Ganesh Vandana and many more spiritual and religious verse are attached to Indian Classical dance that it is far superior and better than Western Dance.

Today every parent wants their child to be a Classical Dancer to understand the language of dance in the form of beat, rhythm, and music. Passion for Indian Classical Dance is so high that even foreigners come to India to learn these dances. Not only in India but also in abroad there is a high demand for Indian Classical Dance and Indian Classical Dance Dramas.

FAQ’S Related: Preference: Indian Classical Dance Over Western Dance

After learning Indian Classical Dance, other dances are easier to learn?

Indian Classical Dances requires lots of practice, hard work, determination, and dedication. It includes rigorous practice of footwork, hand movements, body movements, expression to be proficient which makes other dances easier for the people to learn.

About the Author: – Neha Khunteta

She is a Kathak Artist and has been associated with it for more than 10 years and the founder of Kathak By Neha the best Kathak dance academy in Jaipur.

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