Top most famous traditional Folk dances of India

India is known for its diverse culture. India has a variety of Traditional Folk dances that are performed during different festivals to express social values, joy, and cultural diversification.

There are many folk dances of India which is globally famous and performed internationally.

The List of most famous traditional folk dances in India are:

Garba | Dandiya | Taali Rasak | Gujrat | Folk Dance
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  • Garba: The folk dance Garba belongs to the Gujrat, one of the prominent states of India. This dance has been performed in the circle around the statue of Goddess Amba during the festival of Navratri. This dance has been performed in two ways, one is by clapping hands which is known as Taal Raask i.e. Garba and the other is by beating stick, known as Dandiya.
Bhangra | Punjab | Folk Dance
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  • Bhangra: Bhangra is the folk dance of Punjab region of India. This Folk dance has been performed by the farmers in the harvest season of Baisakh. Bhangra is only performed by the males. Females perform Giddha.
Ghoomar | Rajasthan | Folk Dance
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  • Ghoomar: Ghoomar is the folk dance of Rajasthan and performed by the women. This dance has been performed by the women to please Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for the long life of their husbands. This dance has been performed in a circle. Ghoomar is presented on the Rajasthani songs.
Bihu | Assam | Folk Dance
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  • Bihu: Bihu is the folk dance from the Assam which is performed during the festive season of Bihu and represents the culture of Indian state Assam. The festival of Bihu is around a one-month-long festival performed in a group usually by young men and women.
Lavani | Maharashtra | Folk Dance
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  • Lavani: Lavani Folk dance is basically a traditional dance of Indian state Maharashtra which is performed on the beats of Dholaki. A powerful combination of traditional song and dance can be seen in Lavani Folk dance.
Raas-Leela | Raas Dance | Krishna Tandav | Uttar Pradesh | Folk Dance
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  • Raas-Leela: Raas-Leela is the folk dance belongs to the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh. Raas- Leela emerge from the holy city Brij of Lord Krishna. Ras Leela/Dance or Krishna Tandav is performed on the stories of Lord Krishna like Makhan choir, Kalia Daman, Radha- Krishna etc.
Rouff Dance | Kashmir | Folk Dance
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  • Rouff Dance: Rouff is the Folk dance of Kashmir originated from the Muslim community and basically practiced by the women on different occasions. This Rouf folk dance of Kashmir is famous and simple. Dancers keep their hands around the waist of the other dancers and performed it on the traditional song.
Raut Naach | Chhattisgarh | Folk Dance
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  • Raut Naach– Raut Naach is the folk dance of Chhattisgarh that is performed by the Yaduvanshi on the occasion of Dev Uthani Ekadashi (11th day after Diwali) in the worship of Lord Krishna. This shows the fight between Kind Kansa and cowherds.
Pulikali | Kerala | Folk Dance
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  • Pulikali – Pulikali is the folk dance of Indian state Kerala which is also known as Tiger dance. It has been performed by the trained artist on the occasion of Onam i.e. harvest festival. Artists of Pulikali folk dance are painted like tigers on the beats of thakil, udukku and chenda (traditional instruments).
Karakattam | Tamil Nadu | Folk Dance
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  • Karakattam – Karakattam is the famous folk dance of Tamil Nadu which is performed to please the Rain Goddess by balancing pots on the head in decreasing order on the Carnatic Folk song.

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Apart from above 10 top famous folk dances, what are the other famous folk dances ?

Apart from the above top 10 famous folk dances are Ghumura from Orissa, matki dance from Madhya Pradesh, Dollu Kunitha from Karnataka, Veeranatyam from Andhra Pradesh, Chhau from West Bengal etc.

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